Identify an issue that you see in higher education institutions and describe it

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You have to write completed 4- pages with APA format, you will use the frame/theories studied from reading part and apply them to some facet, dynamic, issue or problem that you are seeing in your own organization or in higher education institutions in general. You should describe the issue observed and then offer your interpretation of what is happening and why, based upon the perspectives/ Bureaucratic frames from the readings.

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To more clarification

  • 1-Identify an issue that you see in higher education institutions and describe it
  • 2-Analyze the issue (like case study) through Bureaucratic frames from reading part that I will send
  • 3-Write with APA format and citation is very important
  • 4-You can use another references as you need
  • 5-The reading part which I will send is from two references:
  • 6-You can offer your opinion based on the reading or citation
  • 7-Be attention ( grammar, writing style, logic, citation, critical thinking ….etc
  • 8- avoid playgiersim
  • 9- i have four books, only chapters, i will send you latter

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