Information Literacy week 2

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Complete the tasks and reflect on the questions listed below for this journal entry. Copy the prompt here and paste it into your journal so that you can respond to the prompt fully. I attached the class’s lectures. this weeks topic is Scholarly vs. Popular Sources on page 40.

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1. Consider the articles:

Why not Apologizing makes you feel better:

Refusing to Apologize: Attached in a pdf file. (skimming this one is fine).

For full points, answer all questions.

  • Compare the authors, publishers, audience, and content of the two articles. What do you know about each?
  • Who is presenting original research, and who is reporting on someone else’s research?
  • Which article do you find easier to read?
  • Which do you find more reputable?
  • When would you use each of these articles?
  • What kind of information do you find in each section of Refusing to Apologize?

2. Reflect on one or more new things you learned this week.

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