Investigating a Critical Social Problem

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Reporter for a Day: Investigating a critical social problem

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Imagine you are working for a local newspaper and your editor has given you a new assignment to research and write up about a critical social problem affecting your community. The social problem could be anything of your choosing, such as crime, school issues, domestic violence, unemployment, etc… You gladly “dig in” and begin gathering facts and evidence about this social problem. Now you can even use material from your previous interviews in the Unit 2 Assignment and include quotes from the people you interviewed for your news article. In your article, make sure to describe how different social institutions, such as cultural, political, economic, legal, familial, and educational, contribute to this problem. Lastly, suggest a few solutions to this social problem.

How should you go about this assignment?

To complete this project you will:

  1. Provide evidence to explain the extent of this social problem
    • Include a total of 4 outside academic references
    • Note: if it supports your article, include quotes from the Unit 2 interview
  2. Explain how social institutions contribute to facilitating and perpetuating this social problem
  3. Offer a conclusion that explores a solution to the social problem

The total length of your paper should be 1,600-1,800 words/ 6 pages, formatted in APA style. The first page is a title page. Page 6 is a reference page and pages 2 through 5 are text. You should have a total of 4 academic references, at least one of which should be outside of the course material. Also, remember to use Times New Roman 12-point font, set margins to one inch, and double space your paper.

What should you include in your final project?

In this 1,600-1,800 word report please include:

  1. An introduction that fully describes a critical social problem in the student’s local community.
  2. The body of the report should:
    1. Provide evidence to explain the extent and longevity of this social problem
    2. Describe existing solutions for this social problem.
    3. Offer an explanation as to how specific social institutions contribute to facilitating and perpetuating this social problem
    4. Use direct quotes from the Unit 2 interview (if applicable)
    5. Integrate and cite at least 4 outside academic sources and/or the course material

A conclusion that fully explores a solution to this social problem and summarizes the main points of the essay.

Turnitin Analysis

A special feature is available to help you with reviewing your Unit 8 Assignment for plagiarism. When you submit your Assignment to the Unit 8 Dropbox, your Assignment will automatically be analyzed by the plagiarism detection tool, Turnitin. Soon after you submit your Assignment, you will be able to view the Turnitin Originality Report. Originality Reports provide a summary of matching or highly similar text found in a submitted paper. When an Originality Report is available for viewing, an icon will appear in the report column of the Assignment inbox. Originality Reports are only available in the inbox. For this reason, you will need to download the report prior to the grading of the Unit 8 Final Project. To do this, click on the print icon at the bottom of the Originality Report. This will prepare a readable, PDF version of the Originality Report that you can save to your computer.

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