iphone vs android, Comparison/Contrast Essay

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Compare and contrast between IPhone vs

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 500 words in length

 No use of outside sources

 Proper MLA Format


The Comparison/Contrast essay is a short paper that allows the student to apply the basic principles of academic writing and MLA format that may be unfamiliar. Comparison is one of the more common processes of evaluation and modes of writing that will provide the student with a subtle transition from basic to academic writing.


The Comparison/Contrast essay must be an evaluation through observation. This essay will not simply be a list of similarities and differences between two events, objects, or persons. In this essay, you will evaluate what is being compared, making further comments about what these similarities or differences mean. This paper must be an argument, and the easiest way to do this is to assert that one element in better than another – e.g. Batman is better than Superman rather than just a comparison of Batman to Superman. In general, avoid obvious, over-used, or extremely simplified topics. Make sure you check your topic with me before you proceed!


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