Journal articles reflection

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After reading three journal articles that are provided at the bottom, you are to IDENTIFY/REACT/APPLY (IRA) for eachJournal Article:

  • IDENTIFY: The main question/hypothesis the author(s) investigated, the research methodology employed (surveys, observations, case study analysis, etc.), and finally the findings of the study.
  • REACTION: Write a paragraph that includes your reactions to the reading and points that were new and surprising to you personally, or points that the article made that were especially significant. Other comments on the reading are also invited. The reaction section offers you an opportunity to reflect on your feelings, opinions, and thoughts about the reading. Please DO NOT summarize the article(s). Instead, provide an overview of your experience of reading and analyzing the article(s).
  • APPLICATION: Write a paragraph about how the material covered in the article could be applied to behaviors or situations related to your project type. How does the reading apply to the design? How will these design applications be useful to the end-user(s) ? The application section offers you an opportunity to think about how the information presented could be used across various design settings and scenarios for your project. This section also addresses the “why does this matter” question
  • DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! Please cite work and in APA format. See handout on plagiarism

total of 750 word count, 250 word for each reflection and make each one separate

please find attached correct APA citation format and the grading rubric.




3- for the third one find any journal article that talks about the affect of outdoor restraunt space on humans psycology.

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