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HI. Please make some adjustment on this essay that you wrote for me couple days ago.

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In the first paragraph, I can only get an abstract idea about what you are going to say in the following paragraphs. I think you need to give some description about how they are related. Additionally, you’d better to give a clear summary of this book. It is not necessary to be detailed, but a general plot of the book may be a good way to help the reader to understand your essay.
After reading the whole draft, I cannot see the relationship between the religion and forgiveness. At least, there are not necessary connection between them. Your essay looks like talking about two themes.
By using the same story of Jack, you want to show the relationship of religion and forgiveness. However, getting this two themes from one thing does not mean they have strong relationship.
I suggest that you focus on how John decided to forgive. in my point of view, I do not think that religion is the main reason, but if you can find some good reason, you can show the relationship.
A small advice:
In Robinson’s novel Gilead, there are several themes that Marilynne Robinson seeks to showcase in her writings.
It is better to write the full name when the author’s name appears at the first time.


Your choice of theme in the text supposed to be read is laudable. As well, your organization of the work is concise and logical. In addition, you have a clear thesis that you follow to letter throughout the text. Furthermore, you have evidenced their essay with clear examples as borrowed from the text with elaborate explanation of the same.


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