Kant, Dignity, and Business (6th and Final DB)

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Kant argues that all objective morality is built on top of the intrinsic value (dignity) of human life.

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Is there a conflict between successful business practices and Kant’s assertion that to act morally one must always treat other peoples as ends in-themselves, and never merely as a means to an end? Why or why not?

In essence, does morality interfere with the bottom line?

If you believe there is a conflict between maximizing profits and acting morally:

  • Give some examples of immoral business practices from your experiences.
  • Indicate possible resolutions to the conflict or at least theorize on moral ways of conducting business.

If you believe there isn’t a conflict:

  • Indicate examples that demonstrate how person hood is preserved in the business interaction.
  • Theorize about how it was possible. What other conditions (country or state of residence, non-profit, church, etc…) were in play that made it possible to conduct business in a moral fashion.

Be sure to used the word morality consistently with the discussion prompt.


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