Key Theories and Implications

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Having read the material for this week, identify a current or historic situation in which you’ve seen one or more of these techniques being used/used by a government, nascent government, or a counter-government organization to influence one or more audiences. What was/were the technique(s) used. If this includes propaganda, identify what form of propaganda was used, according to the Guth reading definition. Finally, explain any connections you see to the biases and heuristics discussed in Week 1.
Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 500 words. It MUST use course material to successfully complete the assignment, but feel free to supplement with any other material you feel is suitable. Make sure you provide parenthetical citations and a reference list………… Guth, David. 2008. “Black, White and Shades of Gray: The 60 Year Debate Over Propaganda v. Public Diplomacy.” Journal of Promotion Management 14, no. 3-4: 309-325. Accessed January 23, 2017. (20 pages)
Bernays, Edward. 1928. Propaganda. New York: Horace Liveright: 47-114, 150-159. Accessed January 23, 2017. (76 pages)
Bernays, Edward. 1947. “The Engineering of Consent,” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 250, (March): 113-120. (8 pages)
Cialdini, Robert. 2008. Influence: Science and Practice. 5th ed. New York: Allyn & Bacon. Read Chapters 5-8. (94 pages)

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