Korean Film analysis paper, 5pg

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Abelmann Melodramatic Texts.pdf 

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HJLee Creation of National Identity.pdf 

k mchughes.pdf 

Military Train.html 

MKIm Aesthetics of Total Mobilisation.pdf 

SChung Visibility natonality archive.pdf 

Spring of Korean Peninsula.html 

The Coachman.html 

yecies Lost Memories.pdf 

Talk about Nationalism, The relationship between Korea and Japan and your understanding of Korean films after viewing Korean films.

We should write an essay of 5 pages, double-spaced with
12-pt font. Please make sure you ground your analysis on the specific films in the question and refer to the readings when necessary. The essay should have a strong and well-developed thesis. Submission instruction: The due date for the paper is Thursday, October 9.

Discuss one or more films of your choice for this essay. You can choose to discuss one specific film or to compare multiple films on a topic of your choice. Make sure that your title and arguments reflect your choice of film, topic, and thesis.

The films can be viewed online with the link that I provided. And you can choose your source from what I provided. But the outside source is not acceptable. The work should be your original ideas. Thank You!


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