Larry’s Conundrum, marketing class discussion help

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Promotion Case

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Larry’s Conundrum

Larry Bates is a recent graduate of UNA and has decided to start out with his own business. His parents have worked in real estate and he would like to work is the same area. However, he wants to start his own office. He has worked for a few years and has saved enough to lease and office and has just received his license. Larry’s major concern is how he is going to get his business promoted so that people have heard about him for listings and potential sales. He has decided to do some advertising, sales promotion and try to get publicity and of course personal selling but he is unsure how money to spend and in which areas.


1. What is the best analysis to use to help Larry make his Promotion decision? Explain.

2. Given Larry’s position on the PLC curve what promotion methods should he use at this point? Explain.

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