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Law — Case Law

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“Answers do not have to be incredibly lengthy. Any answer that fully answers the question will suffice.

Judicial interpretation
What is a originalism? What is the living Constitution? In what ways are they compatible? In what ways do they differ?

The Judiciary
Define judicial review. How does chief justice Marshall defend the principle of judicial review in Marbury? How have later Supreme Court cases increased judicial review? What are the restraints that the Supreme Court imposes upon judicial review; please provide specific examples

The legislature
What are expressed powers? What are implied powers? How does chief justice Marshall defend implied powers in McCulloch? Since Marshalls decision, how did the Supreme Court Justices interpret implied powers differently? Provide specific examples. What are reserved powers? How do Supreme Court Justices interpret reserved powers differently?

The presidency
What are the powers of the presidency? Provide examples of how the Supreme Court has increased the power of the presidency. Provide examples of how the Supreme Court has power of the presidency.”

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