Learning style essay.

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Length: 300-350 words

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The goals of this assignment are to help you

  1. understand what your learning styles are, and
  2. identify the best study strategies for yourself.

Follow the 7 steps below to complete the assignment:

  1. Go to the VARK Learning homepage: http://vark-learn.com/home/
  2. Click on the third button questionnaire at the top.
  3. Click on a questionnaire and answer the questions as prompted and record your scores for V, A, R, and K, respectively.
  4. Report the scores in writing in your paper.
  5. Back to the homepage and click on the questionnaire button again and then choose different strategies.
  6. Read the information pertinent to your learning style(s). And identify at least 3 best strategies you would like to use in this class or college classes in general. Write and explain the strategies in your paper.
  7. Be sure to connect your discussion with the five perceptions in Ch 3.


The attachment is the ppt of Ch3. That may help u to finish the paper.


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