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Go to FindLaw’s Website to read the article titled, “BigLaw 101: How to Write Your 1st Professional Legal Memo”, located at Be prepared to discuss.

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From the e-Activity, summarize two (2) of the seven (7) steps to writing a great legal memorandum, and examine the importance of each summarized step in both legal and non-legal writing. Give one (1) example of each summarized step and its use in legal and non-legal writing.

Compare and contrast the legal brief and the legal memo. Explain the point when you believe the memorandum becomes a brief. Provide support for your position.


Two steps in writing a great legal memorandum are cite the sources and follow the format. The paralegal has to correctly cite his or her source/s. The source/s could be shown in the issue section of the legal memo. This is an example of an issue under legal memo with a cited source: “Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, does harassment occur when a single remark is made in the workplace – namely, “hey, babe – looking good”?” (Bouchoux, 2014).

A paralegal has to follow the format of a legal memo in writing his or her first professional office memorandum. The elements of a legal memo should be in the memorandum. Issue, brief answer, facts, discussion, and conclusion are basic elements in a legal memo. This step – follow the format – is important in legal and non-legal writing. The audience or reader is presented with a legal memo that is organized and well presented. With a standard format, the audience will easy determine what the case is all about or, at least, its essential elements.

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