Legislator Email Assignment

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  1. Find your top legislator in your county(FORTBEND COUNTY).You will only write your email to the top legislator. You must only use the legislator in the state you are licensed in. You only need your county legislator not state.
  2. Complete the graphic organizer on this assignment document as well.The boxes will expand for you.If you click in them the movable box appears and you can expand.
  3. Write your final e-mail in the space provided on this assignment document.
  4. Submitthe email that you have prepared for your legislator into your assignment dropbox in Blackboard. It is not necessary for you to actually send your email to you legislator unless you choose to do so.


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A.Identifying Your Legislators: Find out who your legislators are at the County level. You may send email to either. (For students located in Texas, use the Texas Legislature Online link located in “Resource” to find your representives. For students in other states, use a search engine to locate your legislators.)If you do not live in Texas you can google search your counties legislative system.You only need the top legislator that you are going to address your issue to.If email information is not available then you would only place their physical address.

Record their names, titles, and contact information here: Type information into text box.

B. Using a Graphic Organizer to Selecting an Issue: Identify a current nursing issue from lecture material important to you and your practice. To help you begin organizing your thoughts, complete the following graphic organizer. Type right into the boxes.

C.Writing the E-mail: Write an e-mail explaining the importance of this issue to your practice. Limit the e-mail to one page. You may not use all of the details you developed in the graphic organizer above; use the ones that you think create the strongest and most persuasive e-mail.

Follow the format of the sample e-mail located in the Resource section of the course. (The format must be strictly followed, especially for how to address the legislator and inclusion of your home address to classify you as a constituent.)

Be sure to edit your e-mail for spelling, grammar, and word usage. Read it aloud, and/or get a friend or relative to read it and provide feedback. You will not be sending this to your legislator as part of this assignment but you may choose to send it to them on your own to make them aware of the issue you have addressed.


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