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If you recall from the first week, we examined moral matrixes in The Righteous Mind. Within chapter 12 was a liberal matrix, a conservative matrix, and a libertarian matrix. The Libertarian matrix was on page 302. You may want to go back and review this text. Often libertarianism receives the reputation of being cold and heartless since the application of libertarianism is often implemented by politicians heavily funded by the fossil fuel industries. Yet, it is not impossible to imagine that freedom and free markets could work, after all, MTN and Unilever seem to be doing amazing work and they are using the free market to do it. Arguably America came to prosperity with little regulations. Also, it is arguable that the middle class was created with the help of regulations. Perhaps there are two lungs needed to properly breath, freedom and restriction in proper harmony.

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There are some who claim Bill Gates or Sam Walton have done more to relieve the suffering of the poor than an altruist even as good as Mother Theresa. Does intentionality matter or only the results? Remember, Singer touched on this as well in Doing the Most Good You Can Do.

In this discussion, please use the moral matrix to consider if there is moral libertarianism or as Matt Zwolinski, PhD has self identified, a Bleeding Heart Libertarian.

Post a half to full page answer by the end of Thursday and two responses by the end on Sunday. Make sure your answers are thoughtful. There is a lot of flexibility with this answer so put your effort into right thinking and thoughtful dialog. Maybe even use some normative theories back up your opinion.

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