Macro Trends of US future Healthcare (Economy)

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What will be the best job opportunities for health care managers in 2020?

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Instructions for the Team Paper

  1. It must be 3 pages and use APA style. The 3 page limit applies to the body of the paper only.
  2. The first section of the paper must identify and discuss the most important macro-trends affecting the future of the US healthcare system, Write on Economy as one of the macro trends affecting US Health Care.
  3. Using the above analysis, the second section of the paper will clearly identify five (5) great job opportunities for health care managers in 2020. Be sure to explicitly link each job opportunity with the specific trends identified in the first section of your paper.
  4. A minimum of five (3) references to independent research journals and/or non-vested technical reports must be incorporated and cited using APA style.

Your Presentation: Make a separate powerpoint to address the information captured on the paper.The challenge of your Presentation is to communicate the basic findings of your team’s paper to your classmates, your professor, and coach through the use of a virtual presentation tool as if your Team was reporting out your findings to a global audience of people located in 1000s of different locations around the world.

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