Maritza conducted

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Maritza has conducted an evaluation of the Bedford Mountain Parenting Program and the results show that the program is only moderately helpful and that the women who participated in the program are minimally satisfied.

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Maritza needs to write up her report and is struggling with presenting her findings, which she knows might lead to losing the funding for the program. She believes this program is helpful and with some changes could be greatly improved, but fears if she presents her results as they are the program will be shut down before any changes or improvements can be made. She is also receiving a great amount of pressure from her supervisor to find a way to present the results in a more favorable fashion, by “tweaking” some of the results.

Maritza also knows that if this program were to be removed there would be no other option to help these women for quite a while as an alternative program is not currently available and she would need time to research and implement a new program, during that time many women and their families who need help will not have any clear or reasonable options to get that help.

If you were in Maritza’s position, how would you reason through this ethical dilemma? Present both sides of the dilemma and explain the merits of each argument.

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