Marketing (3 to 3.5 pages)

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Assignment2 – Social Brand Inventory

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Principles of branding apply in equal measure to social media as they do to corporations. But methods are different.

Your assignment consists in conducting a social brand inventory. A brand inventory can serve to assess a brand’s sources of equity and its current position in consumer’s mind. You have to conduct research of the current brand perception in social media.

  • First, select one brand.
  • Then, provide an overview of how the brand is marketed in social media.
  • Based on your answers, prepare a summary with recommendations for brand positioning and marketing strategy that leverages and extends brand equity. Recommendations should address specific social media marketing tactics.
  • Lastly, list references.
  • Identify and list all brand elements (logos, symbols, characters, slogans and/or trademarks). Post pictures, links or describe the cited elements.
  • Develop a competitive social media analysis. Identify direct and indirect competitive brands for points of parity and points of difference. (As a guide to develop the analysis, answer the questions on page 52 from our textbook).
  • Identify and list the inherent “attributes” of the social brand, such as marketing communications and other relevant marketing activities (e.g. marketing research).
    1. What is the brand’s positioning statement? (See page 58).
    2. Does the brand have a social persona? Explain. (See page 60).
    3. What are the brand’s current social media channels and vehicles?
    4. What are the key components of the brand’s organizational social media policy? (See page 66).
    5. Who is the target audience?
    6. How the audience is engaged in social media communities?
    7. How other branded media being used by the organization is integrated with social media?


  • The minimum number of pages is 3 and the maximum number is 3.5, not including references.
  • Please use Times New Roman font, 12 pt.
  • Be precise, concise and to the point.

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