Marketing Advertising week 2 (125) – Marketing homework help

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**Two Seperate Assigments both due same day**

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In this assignment, you will continue developing the marketing plan for either Adorable Annie’s or Easy Peasy. You can use the Course Information Packetprovided for help in the assignment, however, you must also use outside research from books, websites, articles, and other relevant sources.

This week, you will again assume your role as an intern in the marketing department. You have been assigned an option to work with one of the company’s clients, either Adorable Annie’s (a shop that specializes in high-quality children’s apparel and accessories) or Easy Peasy (a vegetable-based snack for kids and adults who are health conscious). This week, you will be working on the problem statement, research plan, and SWOT analysis for your marketing plan.

You should work on the following for inclusion in your submission:

  • Review the feedback your classmates and instructor provided last week to your submission for the marketing plan course project. Use that feedback to make any necessary changes to last week’s portion of the marketing plan prior to beginning this week’s portion of the marketing plan.
  • Develop the problem statement—the problem that the marketing plan will resolve using various forms of marketing.
  • Create a detailed research plan.
    • Identify sources for secondary research.
    • Identify what types of primary research methods you might use and why.
    • Determine whether you will use qualitative or quantitative methods.
    • Provide a summary of the research plan explaining what the research will tell you about your target market, the marketplace, your client’s industry, and the problem you have identified.
  • Complete a SWOT analysis identifying three internal strengths, three internal weaknesses, three external opportunities, and three external threats for your client.
  • Add the problem statement, research plan, and SWOT analysis sections to your marketing plan from last week after making any required changes to the executive summary.


  • Your total research, analysis, and discussion should contain 500–750 words.
  • Utilize proper MLA formatting.



For this assignment you will be assuming your role as the student reporter for your school newspaper. This week your editor has asked you to follow the progression of an advertisement from concept to delivery within On the Edge Advertising. As you develop your analysis, consider the following:

  • Where does an advertising concept begin?
  • Which departments does the advertisement pass through during development?
  • What decisions do each department make in regards to the advertisement development and launch?
  • How do these decisions impact the advertisement development process?
  • How do these decisions impact other departments?
  • As you review the process, consider the role of the client, account management team, media team, creative/design team, and research team.


  1. Your research, analysis, and discussion should contain 500–750 words.
  2. Use proper MLA formatting.

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