“Merchandising for Omni Retailing”

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“Merchandising for Omni Retailing”

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Assignment 1:Visual Depiction and Explanation of Store of the future

What would you like the store of the future to look like?What store that exists now somewhere in the world has elements that you would like to see incorporated into the store of the future? What research can you find to substantiate your point of view?

Objective of the Assignment:

  • Develop critical thinking by challenging yourself to think beyond what you see in retail stores today. Take a deep dive into the new store venues that are emerging worldwide, and study new technologies to see what technologies have applicability for the store of the future. Study them, compare them and let your imagination wander with the objective of improving upon today’s format to achieve a new, intriguing format for the future. Think about a fashion store, preferably in the apparel, or accessories category.You can use Beauty stores as inspiration, but apply your techniques to a store ineither the apparel or accessories category.
  • Develop research skills by using interesting, credible sources and properly documenting your sources for the new store venues you found that prompted your new view of the future store.
  • Using visuals and the written word clearly articulate your view of the future store.

The Assignment:

  • You are to identify at 5 retailers throughout the world that inspired you to imagine the store of the future.The store of the future should incorporate the best of online and technology as well as customer service into the brick and mortar environment. Incorporate the best of the ecommerce site of the store into the online experience. State where the retailer you used for inspiration is located by indicating the city, state or province and country where headquarters of the retailer is located.
  • Provide visuals of the retailer you are identifying either in a video, or in a Power Point slide show. Use text to clearly and briefly describe the technology or outcome the picture presents.
  • Consider the effectiveness of the digital presence of the retailer. State why it is effective; substantiate your viewpoint with specific statements that are supported by visual examples.
  • Describe and show in picture form if possible how you envision the store of the future. (You can use Photoshop to enhance and express your vision).
  • Cite the sources you used on a separate Works Cited Page to learn about the retailers you studied. Use proper APA format to document your sources.(Refer to How to do citations in the Course Information section of this course).
  • Unit2 in the course deals with the blending of online and brick and mortar retailing. You can get some ideas for this assignment in Unit 2.Be sure to watch 3 videos provided by Microsoft that demonstrate various technologies that are being deployed in various industries that can be incorporated into the store environment.

The Deliverable:

You will deliver this assignment in a Power Point with live links to visuals or a video.Please limit your slides to a total of 15 slides.A Works Cited page is in addition to the 15 slides and should be submitted in Work Document with hyperlinks I can click on and open.


Good visuals are extremely important for achieving success in this assignment. Use visual that deliver impact.

Prepare a brief introduction, explanation and conclusion for your visual materials. Proper grammar, sentence structure, and proper citation of research according to APA format are mandatory. You can use bullet points that are grammatically correct with proper punctuation.

Your text can be incorporated directly in the Power Point or video you are preparing.

Please do not submit your assignment in a PDF since I cannot make comments directly on the assignment if you submit as a PDF.

The Grading Rubric is posted in Course Information in the section, Assessments. Please read the grading rubric before beginning this project.

Commonly asked question by students:How long should this assignment be?

Answer:Accomplishment of the objective of the assignment should be achieved with visual impact, proper grammar and brevity.Quality of work is valued over the quantity of material.

You are limited to 15 slides.


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