Middle Eastern Studies Question

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Part One: Please answer the below question. Your answer must be AT LEAST 400 words.

  1. In their efforts to modernize their states in the 1800s, the Ottoman Empire, Egypt and Persia all pursued what the textbook called “defensive developmentalism.” Compare and contrast the efforts of these states. Were they successful? Why or why not?

Part Two: Please answer ONE of the following two questions below. Your answer must be AT LEAST 400 words:

  1. Middle Eastern thinkers such as Rifa’a Rafi’ al-Tahtawi, Qasim Amin, Ali Shariati and Sayyid Qutb all held differing views as to the usefulness of Western ideas and culture. Compare and contrast their thought.
  2. In what ways was colonialism an important factor in the genesis of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? While answering this question make reference to Herzl’s “A Solution to the Jewish Question” and the “Balfour Declaration.”


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A: Proper length, completely answers the question, provides citations, written well.

B: Proper length, partially answers the question, written well.

C: Under required length, partially answers the question, written poorly.

please dont use any outside sources,,, and original work please

I will be sending u the attachment u have to look for…


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