mktg 3501 Discussion Questions:

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In Class Discussion (ch 2)

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Discussion Questions:

  • Would you agree with the basic premise of the study that to succeed brands must demonstrate they care? Why or why not?
  • For you personally, how does a brand demonstrate it cares?
  • What does it take for you to be loyal to a brand?
  • If you were the marketing manager for a brand, how would you utilize the information in this video?

In Class Discussion(ch1)

  • Discussion Questions:
    • Which of the five campaigns did you think was the most creative? Why?
    • What makes a campaign stand out as being creative?
    • Are creative marketing campaigns always successful? Why or why not?
    • Think of marketing campaigns you have seen recently. Which one stands out in your mind? Why? Would you consider it creative? Why or why not?

In Class Discussion( ch 3)

  • Discussion Questions:
    • Should advertising portray different types of families? Why or why not?
    • Did you like the Tylenol ad? Why or why not?
    • Look at the insights reported in the Adweek article. Locate 3 that you surprised you. Explain why?
    • Do you think a person’s age is a factor in how they feel about showing diverse families in ads? Why or why not?

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