model 8 write a 175 words response that reply to the question that teacher ask.

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1. make it looks like a college style of writing

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2, do not need to be perfect.

3. follow is the question:

Data Exercise: Module 8

4848 个未读答复。4848 个答复。

This week you learned about heterozygote advantage. The Ebola virus has resulted in a wide range of outcomes, for humans infected with the virus, from rapid fatality to mild symptoms. This disease causes hemorrhagic fever (high fever with extensive bleeding). Explain how a heritable blood disorder might give a person resistance to Ebola.

To complete this week’s assignment:

  1. Read about heterozygote advantage in the module and your text.
  2. Google, “ebola” to learn more about this virus.
  3. Google, “heritable blood disorders” to learn more about what genetic blood disorders exist for humans.
  4. Choose a heritable blood disorder and explain how it might help to slow the course of the ebola virus in an individual with that blood disorder.
  5. Write a paragraph (175 words or more) describing the heritable blood disorder you learned about through your internet search. Speculate on how individuals with this blood disorder might have a higher survival rate for ebola.
  6. Cite your references!!
  7. Post your finalized answer by clicking Reply and then Post.
  8. Now comment on the posts of TWO other students using 25 words or more.

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