Module 7 Assignment 2

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Students develop a job tracking tool.

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Keeping track of your job search status is an important part of the process. Your search does not end once you send in an application and cover letter. You will likely be applying to several different jobs and will need to keep track of where each search is. In order to do that, you will create and submit a job search tracking tool making sure to include the information of the job you just “applied” to in the previous assignment. The tracking tool may be created in any format that you would like, but should be editable and must contain at least the following elements: company name, website, job title and description, date of application. It should also include space for notes and significant developments. This is not a comprehensive list so be sure to include other useful items.

Create your personal job tracking tool in Word or Excel. Be sure it contains all of the required fields mentioned above.

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