Module 9 Application Assignment

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Part #1

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Answer below 3 Questions from the PDF attached…

  1. Why is China a prime location for expansion by U.S. hospitals?
  2. What would be the advantages and disadvantages to a hospital using an acquisition to expand internationally?
  3. What factors should a U.S. hospital consider when analyzing potential international markets to target for expansion?

Part #2

A small Canadian firm that has developed valuable new medical products using its unique biotechnology know-how is trying to decide how best to serve the European Union market. The firm’s choices are listed below. The cost of investment in a manufacturing facility will be significant, but it is not outside its reach. If these are the firm’s only options, which one would you advise it to choose? Why?

a. Manufacture the products at home, and let foreign sales agents handle marketing.

b. Manufacture the products at home, and set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Europe to handle marketing.

c. Enter into an alliance with a large European pharmaceutical firm. The products would be manufactured in Europe by the 50-50 joint venture and marketed by the European firm.

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