Moore PUA 5303 Unit 7 Scholar Activity

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Effective public leadership is critical in the field of public administration. Scholars have suggested that specific leadership styles are more appropriate for public organizations and to lead public employees. Using the CSU Online Library, locate two peer-reviewed journal articles. One article should be on transformational leadership theory in the public sector. The second article should be on servant leadership theory in the public sector. After reading the articles, address the following areas in essay format.

1. Briefly summarize the main points of each article.

2. Assess the merits of each theory in leading public organizations.

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3. Analyze how each theory could impact human resource management.

4. Explain how leadership style can help public administrators successfully navigate environmental and organizational politics.

Your scholarly essay must be at least two to three pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion. Next, you must cite and reference the two peer-reviewed journal articles and any other source(s) used to craft your paper. Finally, carefully follow APA 7th edition guidelines throughout.

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