music assignment

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Select one of your favorite pieces and write a two-page essay (12 point font, double-spaced, Word document) describing all musical aspects of the piece. Then upload your Word document as an attachment (Add a File). Be sure it is in Word format. Please be as descriptive as possible for the maximum amount of points. Your essay must include the following:

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1. Title of the piece

2. Composer of the piece

3. Instrumentation of the piece (be specific–is the piece performed with accoustic or electric instruments? If you are confused, please read Part 1 of your text for further description of different types of instrumentation.

4. Are there any vocals and lyrics? If so, what type of vocal performers exist (soprano, tenor, bass, etc.) and what are the vocals like? Are the vocalists singing smooth, connected melodic lines or short disjunct melodies, etc.?

5. What do the lyrics say? What is the meaning of the song (if lyrics are used)?

6. Is the melody sung by one person or several?

7. What is the character/mood of the piece?

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