Need an research paper on an independent learning plan for students with special needs. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on an independent learning plan for students with special needs. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. The other important aspect of helping the student is the development of an approach that the teacher will use to teach these students with some special needs. The parents of these students and the teaching professionals should know how to deal with students who require some special needs. Early intervention is also important as it will help in the discovery of these students early enough so that curative education can be given. There are institutions that help those who feel out of place to integrate with the rest of society and carry out their activities as usual since their skills are very important to the economy of the country.

Depending on the institution or the center that is willing to help the student who requires some special needs, a general procedure and a set of questions are necessary. The first test that the student does is a speaking test that is in connection with the books of the student’s class. The interviewer should first give a brief introduction of himself or herself and then ask some general questions to the student (Peter, 2000). These general questions will help the interviewer to estimate the general level of the student and from then onwards, any questions asked will be based on this level not unless the student gives the answers to some of the questions very fast that the interviewer needs to shift to the next higher level. If the questions asked to seem to be very complex to the student, the interviewer should ask questions from the next lower level. The interviewer then enters the name of the class that he or she feels that the student could belong. Questions from intensive classes are also asked in a test that gauges the level of the student in line with the vocabulary that is used in the writing (Winebrenner, 2000). Here, performance is stated as low or average or good.&nbsp.

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