Need an research paper on computer security research. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on computer security research. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The biggest challenge to the transmission of information by the use of computers in a network is its security. It is not easy to establish a channel through which one can send data online and not have it intercepted. There are many features that involve online data transfer. These channels include emails, messaging and voice calls. Transfer of information is essential for the maintenance of communication on an international level, in consideration of the additional effort that would be required in the absence of computers. The same case applies to the storage of this information for computers and secondary storage devices. There is a need to secure stored information in a manner that unauthorized access is prohibited. Such information can be too personal to risk exposing it to the public, or too confidential, such as that of companies.

To secure communication across the internet, and its subsequent storage, it is important to come up with solutions that would ensure their security. Many programs have been coded and developed with the aim of enhancing this security. The best of these security technologies that have been adopted over the years is encryption. This encryption involves the coding of data and information in a manner that cannot be understood by people. Its result is encrypted data, which can be transmitted without the worry of having it eavesdropped on.

In the USA, the National Security Agency is concerned with national security among other things. It is a group of professionals in matters of security and intelligence. This NSA group has teams set aside to work with encrypted systems (Diffie, 1998). They also strive to view the information transmitted across the internet, especially with the increase in the number of social sites and online messaging options. Before the year 2010, people believed that the NSA had a way around all the encryption systems in the world. There was a feeling of lack of privacy in the US due to these theories. However, recent developments and leakages of NSA information and secret files indicate that not all encryption systems have been broken into by this security team.

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