Need an research paper on how violent media hurts kids. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on how violent media hurts kids. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. For every argument, there is a counterargument and a fresh set of arguments can be tendered over counter-argument. However, the issue is related to children. Thus, it is necessary to look beyond the selfish desire to gain profits at the expense of the mental health of children. This paper will prove that children need protection from the cloud of negativities hovering over their future due to much violence unleashed through media. The article by Gerald Jones will be used as the thought to disprove.

Media magnates should remember that they are dealing with children with tender hearts and the children believe in what media broadcast through the TV channels. They generally get impressed by the attractive presentations. Poor children do not realize that they are the victims of clever manipulations and men and women they see on the screen get hefty payments for seeking approval of their products, which depict violence and make the parents go to the shopping malls to buy such toys. or persuade them to buy the product of your choice in the web. Children are early learners, and bad things are absorbed by them fast. Media creates a tremendous impact on the minds of the children and viewing violent episodes creates deep fissures in their minds. “We tell our kids that it isn’t nice to play-fight, or we steer them from some monstrous action figure to a pro-social doll” (Jones 377). Parents do not realize that they have committed a mistake the effects of which would perhaps be irreversible in the life of their children.

The toughest issues of today are violence-related. Another tough issue is raising children. The complex world of challenges has made the parents anxiety-ridden. Children ages 8-12 put questions to their parents on all sorts of issues. They see violent scenes in the movies, television shows, and photos of violent incidents in the newspapers, scenes of police brutalities, and the violence in their school environment committed& the students for whom bullying is the habit.

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