Need an research paper on same-sex marriage decision by russell shaw. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on same-sex marriage decision by russell shaw. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. The title of article number 5 is THE PLATFORM.: PRINCIPLES PRESENTED AS THE DOCTRINE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. The date of the article is 23 June 1892.

Question 5 – Historical New York Times 1851 – 2010

The old newspaper articles are useful for serious research because they provide the researchers with the first-hand account of the past events, politics, and societies thus acting reference materials. This database might be useful when I want to know the past event and politics such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

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Question 6 – Todays New York Times

The editorial interesting to me is titled ‘Talking About Peace, When Despots Don’t Care’ written by Serge Schmemann on May 28, 2015. It talks about the unsuccessful attempts to bring peace between the two Korean nations, North and South. It also discusses the human rights abuse and nuclear activities by North Korea despite international pressures. Schmemann applauds the activists like Gloria Steinem, who campaign for peace, reconciliation as well as defending human rights. However, the writer concedes that peace cannot be attained in the wake of unwillingness by the perpetrators of dictatorship.

Question 7 – Todays New York Times

An article of interest to me is titled ‘ISIS Alternates Stick and Carrot to Control Palmyra’ written on May 28, 2015, by two authors, Anne Barnard, and Hwaida Saad. It talks about the last week executions of the civilians and soldiers in Syria’s Palmyra city by the Islamic State Insurgents (ISIS). It outlines the tricks used by ISIS including terrorizing civilians, courting them and pitting opposition against the government. When I tried to email myself the article, it could not be emailed.

Question 8: Newspapers Us & Worldwide

The title of one story featured today is ‘FIFA scandal: Arrest warrants issued against Argentine media bosses’. The date of publication is May 28, 2015, that is today.

Question 9 – Locating an international newspaper, then using Google translate it into English

Using Google translate, the paper was translated into English. One of the featured stories is ‘Joseph Blatter predicts “more bad news” for FIFA.’ It talks about a corruption scandal that has rocked the world football body over the recent past. On Thursday, Blatter told the 65th Congress that there is no room for corruption in FIFA and those involved would be prosecuted. I had never used Google translate before but I find it very useful and interesting.

Question 10 – International Newspapers

The country whose websites end in .mx is Mexico.

Question 11 – International Newspapers

Reading newspapers from other countries is important for research because the researcher (s) can know what is going in other parts of the world. For example, they can know and understand the perspectives of different people and nations regarding a particular research topic. Thus, newspapers from other countries provide as much information as possible that can be useful in research.

Question 12 – Local, small-town paper

The title of a local news article in Santa Cruz Sentinel is ‘Fish Rap: South Monterey Bay a hot spot for a variety of species’ by Allen Bushnell on May 28, 2015. There is also an opinion article by Tom Karwin titled ‘On Gardening: Feds craft plan to protect pollinators.

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