Need an research paper on the concept of fatigue in the discipline of materials engineering. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on the concept of fatigue in the discipline of materials engineering. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. The damage posed by fatigue is a consequence of three primary factors which can be defined as 1) concurrent action of cyclic stress 2) plastic strain and 3) tensile stress. Therefore, if the previously mentioned elements which trigger fatigue are absent then the commencement of what is termed as a ‘fatigue crack’ does not appear. The process by which a fatigue crack emerges is initially caused by the plastic strain which is a product of the cyclic stress itself, as the process progresses accordingly the tensile stress assumes responsibility for advancing the expansion of the crack (Liu, 2005). Consequently, the aspect of recurring loading and unloading of material is also a factor that can be recognized for promoting fatigue. The initiation of fatigue which is an outcome of this component is demonstrated by the appearance of infinitesimal cracks which eventually develop to an alarming size thereby, allowing crack propagation to occur and lead the way for breakage in structure. The concept of fatigue can be categorized as 1) high-cycle fatigue and 2) low-cycle fatigue. The application of these concepts essentially defines the variance in the behavior of material (Schijve, 2001).

The development of systematic frameworks to cope with the occurrence of fatigue in the structure’s life is a consideration which must not be overlooked during the design stage. The fundamental tenets which must be comprehensively explored by structural engineers during the design phase to ensure prevention against fatigue are classified as follows:

1) Damage tolerant design: Under this design technique, the part must be thoroughly examined, checked, and scrutinized from time to time to recognize the occurrence of cracks and also conducting a substitution of those parts which have surpassed a specified critical&nbsp.timeframe.

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