Need help with my reflection paper. Just one question(question number 3)

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I just need answer for number 3

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3) Define psychological safety as it relates to groups (1 point). Did your group effectively create a psychologically safe environment? If so, how did you accomplish that (be specific)? If not, what do you need to do differently in the future (be specific)? (2 points). Suggested Length – approximately one long or two short paragraphs

Our event: We organized a fundraising event at chipotle in a mall for make a wish which is a non-profit organization founded in the United States that grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. We talked to the managers at chipotle and we came to an agreement that if we were able to bring people and all together they spent at least $300 or more we would get 50% of that. We distributed flyers to the employees at the mall asking them if they are eating at chipotle that day and explained them about the fundraiser. There were 6 members in group and we did small meeting outside of class to plan our fundraiser and divide task( who is responsible for what). Then we all decided on a date and went to the mall and distributed the flyer together. We were able to bring in people who spent 310 all together which is more than 300 so we are getting 155 which is 50% of that.

Group Process Reflection Assignment

This reflection paper is designed to get you to think about the (effective and ineffective) methods and processes that your group used for the group project. This is a reflective, self-evaluative, and group-evaluative process. This is a group assignment. Your team will upload one document to Canvas. Thus, you must meet as a group (outside of class) to discuss your answers to these questions. .To prepare for your group meeting you should first individually reflect on your team’s strengths and weaknesses. You may want to individually jot down a few ideas to each of the questions below to better prepare for your team’s discussion. Your team should strive to ensure that all voices/perspectives are heard during the meeting. After discussing everyone’s ideas, your team should prepare one document to submit for this assignment.

How to Have an Honest Conversation with your Teammates

If your team was fairly cohesive and high performing, the conversation required to complete this assignment may be relatively easy and straightforward. Reflecting on the process your group used will be useful to ensure you retain the beneficial elements of the process for future projects (in other courses or organizations). If your team encountered significant challenges working together, then the honest conversation required to complete this group reflection assignment may be more difficult (but is even more necessary).

The HBR article, titled “How to Have Difficult Conversations when you don’t like conflict” (available in the group project module in Canvas) may help you prepare for having a difficult conversation with your teammates. This is an optional reading but will prove useful if your group will require a difficult conversation.

In your organizational lives you will sometimes need to have difficult conversations with teammates. It is better to practice developing this skill now before you graduate. Thus, please take this reflection assignment seriously and view it as an opportunity to both deepen your understanding of effective group process as well as practice your communication and feedback skills.

Evaluation: You will be evaluated on:

1) The accuracy with which you explain and apply the conceptual material from class discussions or the readings.

2) The effectiveness of your proposed remedy to address the process problem(s) you identified. Be sure to explain clearly why these remedy/remedies would be effective.

3) The extent to which your analysis is organized and written in a clear and concise manner.

4) Professionalism: Proper use of grammar, spelling, etc. Please proof your papers.

5) Please consult the Rubric on Canvas.

Submission Guidelines: This is a group assignment. Only one person needs to submit the document to Canvas. Please upload your submission by the deadline. Late assignments will be reduced by 10% for every day they are late (beginning with the first minute they are late).

Assignment Questions:

1) Provide two things that your group did well in terms of group process (i.e., effective group processes) that helped your group’s outcome (2 points). Your response should entail an analysis of the strengths (i.e., why they were effective and helpful), not just a description. You may find the content from the notes on groups or Chapters 10 and 11 in your book helpful in supporting your arguments. Suggested Length – approximately one long or two short paragraphs

One strength of our group was our excellent task structure and separation of tasks. Throughout the whole group process, all members had a clear role they were responsible for. This was effective because everyone in the group truly wanted to reach our goal of $300 in donations and they made sure they were doing their tasks to the best of their ability. This was helpful because at times we felt overwhelmed with how much planning and coordination it takes to successfully execute a fundraising event. After everyone knew what their duties were, our goal seemed much more attainable. Many of our tasks had sequential task interdependence and and because of our clear separation of tasks, this made it possible for us to do our tasks in a timely manner to the next person can do their task.

Another thing we did well was using effective brainstorming techniques. It took us a while to settle on what we wanted to do so we had a lot of time to brainstorm. During this time everyone respected everyone’s ideas and often built off ideas of other members. This was helpful because it made sure from the beginning that everyone was comfortable sharing ideas. We feel that this was also a big factor in why we had high group cohesiveness.

2) Provide one ineffective aspect of your group process that hindered your group’s performance. Your answer should relate to one of the types of process loss (motivation, coordination, ability) that we discussed in class following the lego man activity (these are also described in your textbook). (a) Clearly explain the process loss (2 points) and (b) how it applied in your group (2 points). If you are 100% sure that your group did not experience any of the three types of process loss, then you need to pick one type of process loss to answer part (a) and then indicate the steps you took to successfully avoid experiencing that type of process loss (e.g., how were you able to avoid problems with social loafing or how were you able to avoid coordination problems) for part b. (c) What could you do differently in the future to improve the group process (i.e., to reduce or mitigate the problem you experienced or to further enhance the group process even if you didn’t experience any process loss)? Be specific. (1 points) Suggested Length – Not to Exceed one page

Coordination loss :

3) Define psychological safety as it relates to groups (1 point). Did your group effectively create a psychologically safe environment? If so, how did you accomplish that (be specific)? If not, what do you need to do differently in the future (be specific)? (2 points). Suggested Length – approximately one long or two short paragraphs

4) What is one thing you learned about organizational behavior (broadly defined) from working on this project (this does not necessarily have to be about groups, it could be about any topic covered in the class). (1 point) Suggested Length – one paragraph.

Organizational behavior is “the study of factors that affect how individuals and groups act in organizations and how organizations respond to their environment. Since we had to meet as groups it was difficult to be on the same page at all times. This project helped us be able to learn how to work and collaborate with people that we don’t know as well as how understand everyone’s personality to be able to work with them. This project also helped us with motivational skills since we had to persuade one other that our idea was the best fit for the Make- a – wish foundation.

Another thing we found interesting is organizational behavior and organizations that use OB MOD and are successful at it; go through these five steps of identify, measure, analyze, intervene, and evaluate. Stated in the class textbook by George Jones reads “OB MOD should e used to encourage behaviors that can be observed by others(and can therefore be reinforced) are important for task performance, and can be measured.” For example in a classroom where the students are always late that is something that can be identified and this method can be used to fix the problem. The next step is to measure and this is just to get a sense of how often the observed behavior is done; in other words, the frequency. Thirdly is to analyze the “antecedents and consequences of the behavior”. Next would be to draw the line essentially and to “intervene to change the frequency of the behavior. Maybe this would include reprimanding people or positive reinforcements for good behavior. We also learned that the final step was to “evaluate whether the intervention was successful in changing behavior”. We would want to know if the behavior started to occur less often in which the steps would be successful.

5) There are four new columns in the google spreadsheet (new columns are on the right). By midnight on April 29th (if possible), please update the google spreadsheet to include your (1) actual expenses, (2) revenue from fundraising event(s), (3) net revenue (i.e., revenue – expenses; this is what you will send to Make-A-Wish). Finally, please also include (4) the amount you raised via online fundraising (if your team created an online fundraiser). For the purposes of our in-class competition the sum of net revenue from the fundraising event and online fundraising will count as the total raised for your team.


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