Need help with my writing homework on A Personal Manifesto on Success and Happiness. Write a 500 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on A Personal Manifesto on Success and Happiness. Write a 500 word paper answering;

Memorandum on Work: A Personal Manifesto on Success and Happiness It has been taught from childhood until a person reaches the maturity stage that “A man reaps what he sows (New International Version, Gal. 6:7). This is taught so that a person will now the responsibilities that one needs to fulfill once the body and mind is able to. Work is needed so that a person is able to obtain the necessities needed in the world. Not everybody is born with a silver spoon in the mouth. Hard work is often needed to be able to provide for the necessities and some of the luxuries in life.

Often a man learns more in work rather than in school. Though a person stays almost 2 decades of his existence studying books and theories, actual learning is acquired once he steps out of the academe.

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Work is often perceived as a product of modern life. The work known during the past few decades are far more different than the work introduced and during the earlier centuries. Work in the late 20th context is often concluded into giving up freedom and serenity. When one is said to be at work, one can be concluded to be both stressed and worn-down.

This should not be the case. Work should be the foundation of fulfillment and the workplace should be a place not just to earn but also to enjoy.

Just like how the world was created according to the bible, even if God was doing so many things for consecutive days still he needed time to rest. Humans are made in the image of God therefore rest is also needed. It is not just the body that needs rest but also the mind. Often, the day of rest is consumed by enjoying the fruits of hard labor though the labor that is known in present days is not the same work that was done by man’s forefathers.

As man continues to progress, the definition and connotation of the word work also evolves. One however should make it a point not to make boredom or sacrifice words that goes with it. Though man was created to work, it does not necessarily mean that one should die of work. With the fact that the work has evolved throughout the years, it created divisions in a workplace. These divisions caused some sort of discrimination as to who will be the worker and who will be the leader. No matter what the classification would be, a person should love the work that he is doing to be able to perform well and be successful in it.

For a person to be happy, one needs a balanced social, private, professional and religious life. Social life is needed to unwind and enjoy as the private life gives the inspiration and aspirations that the professional life satisfies. On the other hand, a man cannot do all of these things when his spirit is not nurtured and taken care of. In this aspect, the religious life is needed to keep a man going and continuously aiming for more out of the life given to him.

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