Need help with my writing homework on Faith-Centrism as a World Religion. Write a 250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Faith-Centrism as a World Religion. Write a 250 word paper answering; My World Religion In most cases, the major conflict that several religions could hardly addressis the question on how practice of concrete rituals makes relevant connection to the practice of faith which by nature, ought to be spiritual. Perhaps, the ceremonies performed within a temple in front of a certain altar are sacred indeed yet the regularity in conducting religious rites as such affirms no guarantee that a person stays faithful in deeds even outside of a church or holy institution. It is quite deceiving and absurd to find a significant number of people who take religion merely on a physical level, assuming that it is worth just active involvement in church traditions which may compensate for any shortfall of character. This concept, however, sets believers to the perils of blindness toward genuine principles of truth which should be learned and understood by the heart. Hence, in this regard, I propose to establish belief in Faith-Centrism.

Under this religion, there would be one God whose image or form is yet unknown but still an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent entity anyone can speak to at any moment in all open spaces. There is no need for a firm embellished structure to house particular images or figures for which offerings must be made since worship by faith alone ought to be central and is not subject to judgment based on material possessions imparted. Faith-Centrism challenges a follower to exhibit true values of faith beyond public view or approval. For instance, showing compassion to someone in need is an act which, as much as possible, must not reap rewards by being seen and given any credit if faith must be kept pure. A believer is more spiritually attached when executing good deeds in secret because this way, he would be capable of meditative thought to weigh between pure and impure intentions.

Moreover, Faith-Centrism shall have no administering priest to prevent the risks of formality people tend to become more focused on procedural custom rather than faith. It would be more appropriate to have organize brotherhood and sisterhood that would informally gather to share rich and colorful stories of faithful journeys in all walks of life. Any written code of ethic or conduct suitable should be personal and while I see it fit that the Bible or the Holy Scripture from the Christian tradition may proceed as the standard, nevertheless, a flexible interpretation is encouraged for all passages depending on how the biblical verses apply to one’s unique set of ways in dealing with

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