Need help with my writing homework on Intercultural Pragmatic Failure in Humor. Write a 2250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Intercultural Pragmatic Failure in Humor. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Linguistics problems emerge when the hearer or hearers have limited knowledge about the language the speaker uses. However, the linguistic issue is beyond the scope of this study hence not a concern. Pragmatic failure on the other hand occurs when the hearers fail to comprehend or connect what actually the speaker’s words mean. The research herein therefore focuses on finding out the link that exists between humor success and the background of the target hearers. The research assesses humor reliance on intercultural pragmatics, especially on the second language.

Literature Review

Concerning humor, it is evident that the speakers must embrace social competencies such as grammatical and psycholinguistic abilities if they hope to relay humor successfully. Bell from his research concludes that communicative competence is only achievable when the speakers embrace a form of merger (Bell 2006). The merger should be allowing them to comprehend the linguistic forms and their use for achieving social competence in their second language. The person presenting the humor must verse him or herself with both the linguistic competence and social competence that allows humor to be successful. From this point of view, it is warranted to indicate that humor relies greatly on intercultural pragmatics.

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Giora argues that a joke is only successful if the hearer understands the speaker’s point of view (Giora 1991). In the event that the speaker offers an explanation for a joke, it means that the humor has completely failed. In such a circumstance, the listeners have to take the initiative of filling in the gap that was the role of the speaker. However, if the hearers solve all the ambiguities in the humor, the speaker may consider the humor successful (Giora 1991). The processing of the joke involves an amalgamation of factors that make the reception of the humor an uncomplicated process. Most importantly, the mystery of the humor must remain a task of the hearers to uncover. Giora uses Sofa so Good, a London shop constituting a literal pun. It uses a novel meaning recommending its goods. Yet it does not dispense with the salient meaning of the shop. In the humor, this is a pragmatic failure since the buyers, hearers will find it complex to connect the name and the product, or output.

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