Need help with my writing homework on Philosophers United: Three Quotes. Write a 250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Philosophers United: Three Quotes. Write a 250 word paper answering; Philosophers United: Three Quotes Three quotes have been discussed and explained as well as the philosophers who said them. These philosophers were either shunned by the public or ostracized due to their ideas. The quotes were used in order to see that a life of a philosopher is not that easy. All of these philosophers have unique ideas and they were brought down because of them. The central idea of the three was that being a philosopher or a teacher of philosophy partake you to express ideas that are different from the norms and orthodox and that it is not easy. These quotes also gave an idea of understanding Socrates. That he just expressed his ideas and was condemned just because the majority did not agree with his opinions.

“Of what use is a philosopher who doesnt hurt anybodys feelings?” these words were uttered by Diogenes. He was known to speak the truth without fear and share Socrates’ love of&nbsp.virtue&nbsp.and indifference to wealth,&nbsp.together with a disdain for general opinion. Expressing ideas that deviate from the norm usually causes much violent reaction from those who will hear and sooner or later someone will have a different opinion from theirs. “I do not know how to teach philosophy without becoming a disturber of the peace” was said by Baruch Spinoza. He was a Portuguese philosopher who revealed considerable scientific aptitude. the importance of his work was fully realized years after he died. He was dismissed by the Jewish society due to his beliefs. A philosopher needs to stand by his ideas even if it meant being shunned by the society he belongs to. In expressing opinions, sooner or later someone will disapprove but if one wants to be a philosopher he needs to understand this is part of what he is. Walter Kaufman said “One may view the history of philosophy as a history of heresy.” He is a German&nbsp.philosopher. he rejected all religious values and practice. In this quote, he merely stated that most of philosophical ideas are those that go against the norm and orthodox. These 3 quotes showed what all philosophers have common even if they live in different countries. They all went against ides of what was accepted, they went against the norms and values of the society even if they were shunned and called names by the public. They all knew that in order to express their ideas, they need to know that part of being a philosopher is to understand that not everyone will go along their beliefs. This was exemplified by Socrates who was condemned to die by drinking&nbsp.hemlock for the expression of his ideas (Bloch, 2001). Their ideas may not be accepted by the public but they still went on with expressing their beliefs and most of their works were recognized later after their death.


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