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I have 4 assigments that need to be taken care of

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Assigment 1 :

Recall Clifford’s evidentialist argument from Module 2 and contrast Clifford’s position with one of the nonevidentialist positions encountered in either Module 5 or Module 6. Decide which position, evidentialism or nonevidentialism, more closely aligns with your own point of view and argue for that position.

Attachments the go with it:

1. Critical Writing Assignment Guidelines

Assignment 2:

What does Kierkegaard mean by the claim that “truth is subjectivity”? Do you tend to agree that the existence of God is primarily a “subjective” issue? Why or why not?


This assignment needs to have a minimum of 200 words

Assignment 3:

Attachment to go with it:

1. ENG 122 Module 6 Writing Exam

2. The attached stories:

Things they carried



1. Must have a minimum of 1000 words

2. No contractions

3. Not in 1st person

4. Sources cited

5. MLA Format

Assignment 4:

Using information from two of this week’s readings, answer the following questions about “power.”

  • Who has power here? Is that power being abused?
  • Does power come with inherent responsibility?
  • Is there tension between those with power and those without?
  • Are those without personal power being abused?
  • Are those with power abusing their responsibility?

Attachment to follow this:

1. The stories used for the previous Assignment


Things they carried


MLA format

please site sources

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