Need revision for Annotated bibliography research paper: Identity fraud

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I need to revision. I got few comments from my teacher.

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-An interesting thesis making an argumentative claim about criminal activities related to identify fraud is apparent and previews at least two main points. Additionally, all eight sources are comprehensively summarized. Two of the eight sources are missing complete APA reference entries. Also, relevancy and credibility analyses cannot be found for at least eight sources.

-Eight sources are present in this submission, but only six can be verified as credible. Two sources (Gordon et al. and Goel and Shawky) cannot be verified as scholarly because of missing reference information.

-The Grijpink (2004) source is related to the chosen topic on identity fraud. Clear credibility statements for at least eight sources are not evident. For instruction on evaluating the credibility of the source

-Each source appears to be related in content to the thesis based on the strong summaries present. Valid relevancy analyses for eight sources cannot be located. For instruction on evaluating the relevance of the source,

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