Need to respond to these 4 responses from a discussion question 3-6 sentences each

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I need a response to these 4 discussion questions

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A.williams ignore this for me

1. I believe the ability to communicate is crucial to any job to understand what is the processes need for the position and what is needed or expected to be accomplished. We have all been a new person at a job or a position and most of have a story of lack of communication when getting trained. In many position of many companies there are lots of documentation but there are also lot of information not covered due changes and people not communicating. I can’t think of a job or position that some form of communication isn’t accentual to be effective from business (board room) to family life (parent).

M.Porter ignore this

2.Three ways our perception of information about ourselves and others maybe determined by the overall appearance of an individual, their clothes or their demeanor.

An example of one experience I encountered, was I made the assumption that because of a particular individuals appearance and attitude I perceived the person as mean. As a result, the person turned out to be nice after taking time to get to know them for who they are.

Three ways we as human-beings can improve our self-perception is asking the right questions, paying attention to who we are having a conversation with, and not making assumptions about an individual when reality is we don’t know who or what their about.

B.weaver ignore this

3.Marketing means that you are trying to convince somebody to try or change there service. I work at a credit union and we have to sell our product to our members. Example- Most of our member have a regular checking account that does not give you a interest rate. I have to try and convince them to get another checking account that we think is better. The checking account is named CU Power checking, with CU Power checking if you have $100.00- $1,499.00 in your checking account you will get an interest rate of 4.89%. So basely you are getting free money added to your account monthly and trying to get the member to change checking account could be hard at times.

How did I participate in marketing this past week was that I called Bank of America to asked them why I was getting a monthly maintenance fee on my account. The representative told me that I had to have $15,000.00 in my account every day to avoid the monthly maintenance fee. I asked her to go over some different type of checking account that does not involved any monthly maintenance fee and the representative went over some different accounts and change my account to another checking account.


4.It is important for marketers to understand how consumers make purchasing decisions, because this is what will lead to their success and the customer potentially purchasing from them continuously and making them a loyal consumer. Understanding the customers needs and wants, how to play on their impulses, how to entice them. This is all done through advertisement, i.e, commercials, infomercials, customer testimonials, social media ads and more. The key is to make the consumer feel like they need what you have and that it will be beneficial for them.

The factors that would influence how a consumer would purchase a laptop:

1. Price

2. Brand

3. Purpose (school, work, designing, leisure, etc)

4. Marketer (Wal-Mart, Target, Apple, online, directly from manufacturer)

5. Rebate, Coupons, Discounts, Incentives

6. Benefits (what the laptop offers)

The factors that would influence how a consumer would purchase a house:

1. Family size (plans for family)

2. Location

3. Price

4. Financial Allowance (loan options/limits)

For the laptop, I think that the most important factor is the benefits. What the laptop offers will determine for me if the price is worth paying.

For the house, the most important factor is the area. Understanding the direction that the community is going as far as its growth and what it will have to offer me and my family in later years as far as construction and businesses. I want to live in a place where many things are easily accessible, but still have a home where I could have peace and quiet without all of the traffic and noise. The best way I think do to that is to research the area and see what the plans are as far as building more houses and businesses.

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