Nursing 09-2

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Help with nursing


Write a professional 3-4 page (no more than 4 pages) impact statement

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delineating the possible effects on learners, the organization, and patients of the

new or upgraded educational technology, or changes in current technology use,

that you proposed in the previous technology essay.

Here is how the paper should be formatted: It is important to include the

headers that are underlined below and to address every question below.

Introduction Paragraph: Write as you like based on my topic attached

Paragraph 2: Describe the new educational technology, upgrades to existing

technology, or changes in current technology use that are under consideration.

Paragraph 3: Explain how the proposed changes support the organization’s
mission, vision, values, AND goals. (Support assertions, arguments, propositions,
and conclusions with relevant and credible evidence)

Paragraph 4: Analyze the impact on the organization of the proposed changes

• How might these changes affect day-to-day nursing operations or
educational activities?

• What is the expected impact of these changes on patient

• How will the organization measure the impact?
• How should the organization be prepared if the new or upgraded

technology, or changes in current technology use, do not deliver as
(Support assertions, arguments, propositions, and conclusions with
relevant and credible evidence)

Paragraph 5: Describe the nurse educator’s role in implementing the proposed

• What are the nurse educator’s primary responsibilities?
• What actions can the nurse educator reasonably be expected to take to

facilitate the change?
(Support assertions, arguments, propositions, and conclusions with
relevant and credible evidence)

Paragraph 6: Explain how the proposed changes will be incorporated into the
design of current or future nursing education programs.

• How will implementation of these changes affect learning and
(Support assertions, arguments, propositions, and conclusions with
relevant and credible evidence)

Conclusion: Wrap up the paper as you like

Cite 3–5 credible sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional industry

publications to support your impact statement.

Educational Technology Needs

Educational technology is evolving with time because it is not static, so it meets the

demands of the changing population through research and responding appropriately to patients

and nurses. The advanced technology has aided in conducting various nursing research with the

availability of technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. These platforms facilitate an

accommodative number of people who share ideologies in making nursing a better practice for

safeguarding people’s lives.

Quinsigamond Community College founded in 1963, has a 2-year nursing program

located in Worcester, Massachusetts. The college prepares learners with the required knowledge

needed for careers as registered nurses. Quinsigamond Community College is using the less

technical methods of researching to better the nursing department by using a website called “The

Q” for virtual clinicals and learning. These traditional methods could be replaced with advanced

technology in delivering knowledge and empowering the nurses to be better every day.

Therefore, in this context, evaluation of the criteria used at Quinsigamond College and the

recommendations that would improve the way of teaching through modern technology is by

using Zoom.

How nurses are currently using educational technology

Quinsigamond Community College’s current educational technology categorically

depends on digital readers and smartphones, which contain information that the nurses are using

to extract knowledge. Quinsigamond’s digital platforms, such as “The Q”, are updated regularly

to give the latest trends in healthcare and to provide virtual clinicals due to the pandemic. The

changes are adjusted accordingly where new findings are derived and personalized for both

education of nurses and care. The information acquired is extracted from cross-sectional and

observatory studies undertaken and recorded in digital spaces, which our nurses quickly access.

The advantage of the current setting is that it provides a centralized source such as “The Q”,

which contains information that is agreed upon by the educational team before administering it to

nurses (Lall et al., 2019). The virtual reality technology used also tends to take the nurses to the

real world, where substances are given a keen eye on Discovery. This enables our nurses to

understand concepts researched through treatment and control findings.

Current state of educational technology compared with the desired state

As mentioned, Quinsigamond Community College utilizes “The Q” as a central source to

relay information to nurses. The progress in time in terms of events that unfold with the

introduction of new technology used for research has surpassed the current technology used at

Quinsigamond. There is the Zoom application, unlike “The Q” that constitutes gathered

information used by nurses to complete clinicals, study and get certifications such as basic life

support skills. The Zoom application is an online platform that accommodates over 300 persons

and is used in connecting the experts to our nurses (Mota et al., 2019). We engage directly with

people from different organizations to acquire more skills to work for the patients so that their

life is better in terms of care and health protection. The video conferencing tool accommodates

many people at once and hence plays a vital role at Quinsigamond.

“A gap analysis is an assessment and evaluation of your exhibition to recognize the

distinctions between your present status of activity and where you might want to be. It explains

the distinction among the real world and the ideal for your association – for example, on

measures where you’re missing the mark regarding an objective – so you can all the more likely

spotlight your assets and energy on those distinguished regions to further develop them” (Smith,

2021, para. 4). The change needed in how Quinsigamond currently use the existing technology is

that the virtual learning should allow more room for opportunity, interaction, and virtual hands-

on skills. Based on Quinsigamond’s retention and NCLEX rates, there is a need for a new

technology solution. To close the gap Zoom could be a great asset for the school by creating an

e-learning program. As mentioned above, Zoom can hold over 300 participants, it also has a

camera function, chat box, and sharing option. All of these functions contribute to a greater

learning experience as opposed to “The Q”. Using Zoom in place of other platforms has been

proven to be successful as stated by Maesaroah. In a study, learners had a 12.46% better outcome

in grades by using Zoom (Maesaroh & Marlena, 2021).

Metrics used to determine the benefits of current educational technology use

The feedback in relation to “The Q” by the student outcomes, helps use the information

in describing the state and level at which the nurses extract knowledge. When using “The Q” for

virtual clinicals (before the COVID 19 pandemic), Quinsigamond’s retention rate was 90%.

Now with utilizing “The Q” due to the pandemic, the retention rates dropped to 72%. In addition,

the NCLEX pass rate dropped from 90% in 2020 to 85% currently. This data allows every nurse

to highlight the area of need and add the necessary knowledge that is lacking as a research

method. These metrics show a clear need for improvement. Utilizing Zoom for clinicals and for

other educational needs could help increase the retention and NCLEX rates. As mentioned,

“Zoom Meeting has a 12.46 % better likelihood of prevailing with regards to supporting

understudies’ learning results compared to other applications such as google classroom

(Maesaroh & Marlena, 2021).” It is clear how beneficial Zoom can be for Quinsigamond learners

and staff.

How the educational technology aligns with the organization’s strategic mission

Quinsigamond’s mission statement is “We are a publicly funded, student-focused

institution of higher learning that offers services and programs for education and training that is

relevant to and sensitive to the many requirements of the region and of the students”. The

advanced technology of using Zoom could significantly benefit the needs of the learners, making

it student-focused. Zoom has enabled a large number of nurses engaging from different

geographical areas to save on more resources such as time, and allows for visual learning (Nes et

al., 2021). The new technology is a user-friendly platform because it allows the user to get

around quickly. This flexibility enables the nurses to contribute while we teach them through

engagement. The navigation allows the nurse to get to other channels of the same field, giving

people a clear view of the nurses from other teams.

Changes to existing educational technology

Despite the current digital platforms and virtual reality technology, some visible

advancement would be made to improve nursing education. The digital platforms should be

expanded, and more nurses should be encouraged to use them effectively through interaction and

exchanging ideas. The Discovery of more platforms such as Zoom can boost education because

nurses can learn from nurses who have opened accounts specifically for teaching and

enlightening nurses on primary education. Virtual reality technology should be practiced where

the nurses are presented with real-life situations and relate to the ones that they acquired from the

technology. Therefore, the recommendations above are geared toward improving lives and

increasing nurses’ education levels in an accommodative market of healthcare practice.

In conclusion, the vast educational technology is growing; hence research and education

given to nurses at Quinsigamond is becoming versatile and should be embraced in the advancing

technology. The certification of nurses for the education gained is becoming meaningful through

the short period taken in acquiring the certificates and approval.


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effective for supporting students’ learning in Mathematics? Beta: Jurnal Tadris

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Nurse education. Quinsigamond Community College (QCC). (2022, July 28). Retrieved August

13, 2022, from

Smith, R. (2021, April 01). How To Perform A Gap Analysis In Healthcare. Retrieved August

13, 2022, from

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