Nursing Informatics W1 R1

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**********My classmates have responded to my post and I need to write a response to both questions that they have asked me. Needs to be 5-7 Sentences, for each response, APA forma for both, at least 1 reference within 5 years for both responses,

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  • 1) The EHR has made a major difference on safety, there is no doubt. How do you think informatics play a role in developing and managing protocols? How do these different methods of treatment effect patient safety?
  • 2) I agree that EMR can help improve the quality of care given to patients by having all of the patients’ information readily available to all treatment providers. Wakefield (2008) states, “Another report recommendation called for professional organizations to firmly commit to an agenda focused on patient safety, with specific efforts targeted toward health professions education” (p. 5). I believe continued education for everyone involved in health care is essential to provide the best care possible. What are some “current rules” and “new rules” mentioned by Wakefield (2008) have you witnessed in your practice/organization? It is interesting to see how many organizations are working towards moving to the “new rules” and how many are still practicing “current rules.” Great post!


Wakefield, M. K. (2008). The Quality Chasm series: Implications for nursing. In R. G. Hughes (Ed.). Patient safety and quality: An evidence-based handbook for nurses (Vol. 1, pp. 47-66). Rockville, MD: U. S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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