Oedipus the King screenplay

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Choose one (1) of the following questions and write an essay that clearly states a thesis and develops supporting points for the thesis through a detailed analysis and interpretation of Oedipus the King. Supporting points should use specific, text-based examples from the plays to strengthen your argument. Minimum 3 pages, Double spaced.

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  1. Who or what is to blame for the tragic outcomes in Oedipus. What do these events suggest about the characters or the themes in the play? Are the faults unique to the characters in the play or is there something relevant to audiences’ lives, even in the present day, as well? Discuss and explain with specific examples.
  2. Through character and plot analysis, discuss the effect of a character’s emotions on their rational thought and action. For example, do you think it’s the king’s strong emotions that seals his fate in Oedipus? Why or Why not? Is intelligence somehow to blame? Consider the role of hubris in the play. Discuss and explain with specific examples.
  3. What does it mean to say that a tragic hero achieves self-knowledge? Is this knowledge essential to the dramatic power of a tragedy, or could a play still be tragic without it? Does Oedipus achieve self-knowledge by the end of the play? Discuss and explain with specific examples.
  4. Do you think Oedipus deserves his fate? Why, or why not?
  5. Do you see Oedipus as someone who has inner strength or as a morally flawed victim of the gods? Discuss and explain with specific examples.

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