One Interview, Transcribing for that, two reflection notes from them – 4 works in total

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Please think of yourself as an international student at UCSD majoring Sociology, and interviewing a young adult, 20-28 years of age, face-to-face.

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1. Record an interview:

I’d attach a file of the prompt, “Conducting the Interview,” so please follow the instruction and record the interview for 40-45 mins in length.

The interview questions should be followed by using another attached file, “Master Interview Schedule,” and those questions should be a main interview questions. Therefore, you would think of your own support questions which might support the main questions in the “Master Interview Schedule.”

Then please send me the record of the interview later as well.

2. Write a reflection note after the interview:

After you have completed the interview, sit for 15-20 minutes and reflect on the experience: What went well? What could have been better? What surprised you? Were you “triggered” by anything said in the interview? Did you primarily listen and make use of silence? Please write up your reflection notes

3. Transcribing the interview:

Transcribe the interview you did for 40-45 mins in length instructed above, and you may follow the sample transcription, attached below as “Sample Interview Transcription.”

4. Write a reflection note after transcribing the interview:

After the transcribing the interview, sit for 15-20 minutes reflecting on the experience: What was the hardest part? Did you discover any “tricks” to making the process smoother? Did you notice things that you hadn’t noticed while doing the interview? Did it give you any insight into your role as an interviewer? Any new insights about your interview subject? Please write up your reflection notes

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