Ophthalmic Disorder Case Study Questions? Please read full description

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are given a very brief case history of a patient with an eye disorder.
You are asked for a diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatment of the
condition. In your response, consider several
diagnoses that could produce the patient’s symptoms and explain why you
chose a particular one. Appropriate tests to confirm your diagnosis
should be included.
USE THIS INFORMATION TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN A 2-3 PAGE RESPONSE, while using and citing at least 2 sources in APA format.

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**Mr. Ally went to the eye doctor and complained about dark areas in his vision. He had never noticed it before. There is no pain.

  • What is the diagnosis? (Diagnosis)
  • Explain the reason behind floaters and dark areas in the visual field. (Pathophysiology)
  • How should the doctor treat Mr. Ally? (Treatment)

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