Organizational Culture and Human Resource

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Culture and Accomplishments: How does the organization describe its culture? How do existing and former employees describe the culture? (consider looking at free resources such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn for comments). Based on your analysis, describe what type of culture the organization has (ex. clan, adhocracy, hierarchy, or market). What are some of the key accomplishments of the organization? (consider whether they were nominated an award, how they promote themselves to potential employees). Analyze and discuss how specific accomplishments and/or awards related to their culture.

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Human Resources: Research the organization’s human resources strategies. Describe how they recruit talent – what are some examples of where jobs are posted? What types of jobs do they have openings for? Discuss how these jobs might align with the research conducted thus far, ex. with their culture, with their mission/vision/values, with global management, with stakeholders, or with environmental forces. What types of skills are they looking for (ex. more technology-focused? More service focused?) What types of wages, incentives or benefits do they offer? Discuss whether their open jobs provide insights into their strategic management planning, ex. are they hiring for automation, artificial intelligence, knowledge workers?


Refer to the discussion prompts to prepare your initial discussion post. To receive full credit, students must post 1 initial discussion post and at least 2 reply posts per instructions and prompts.

An initial discussion post is where a student posts an original response to the discussion prompts.

A reply post is where a student reads and responds to another student’s initial post. A valid reply post will be a thoughtful response to the initial post and will attempt to further the discussion with ideas, questions, and/or additional information students may know or research. Reply posts are not for students to critique or provide grading commentary on another student’s post. Reply posts that provide commentary only for the purpose of critiquing another student’s initial post will not receive credit. Students are encouraged to interact with each other, especially if another student’s reply post warrants a response, however, replying to your own initial discussion post does not count as a reply post for the sake of acquiring full credit for the assignment.

Please consider these instructions:

  • Each initial discussion post must be 3-5 paragraphs long (each paragraph must have at least 4 – 5 sentences).
  • Each initial discussion post must be 12-points, using either Time New Roman or Calibri font.
  • Each initial discussion post submission must cite at least 5 external (non-textbook) sources.
  • All sources must be cited in APA format (See Owl Purdue (Links to an external site.) site for a handy tool or there are multiple browser extensions).
  • Reply posts must be at least 1 paragraph long (each paragraph must have at least 4 – 5 sentences).

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