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Leadership Style

Select a well-known personality—judge, lawyer, correctional administrator, or police chief—in criminal justice and talk about this person’s leadership style in relation to the leadership theories discussed in your book.

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Answer the following questions in an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation:

  • Which of the following theories is most suitable for describing this leader’s behavior?
    • Situational leadership
    • Multiple linkage model
    • Cognitive resource theory
  • Support your choice with reasons and explain why the other theories are not suitable.
  • How can the leadership substitute’s theory be applied to explain the situational variables for this leader?
  • Do you think the path-goal theory explains the strategies of influence used by this leader? Why?
  • Did this leader receive too much credit for the agency’s success, or do you believe that he or she could have been successful despite the subordinates? Why?

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