out of class Journal 2

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The Abominable Pig – Questions to consider and take notes

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  • What reasons does Harris give that pork aversion is irrational?
  • What are ruminants and why are they better adapted to the Middle East than pigs?
  • What other Middle Eastern civilizations, besides the Israelites, abhorred the pig?
  • What happened in the Middle East that made pigs less adapted for agriculture?
  • What rationale does Harris give for the Levite ban of camel meat?
  • The Muslim religion bans only the pig. How does this inhibit the spread of a religion that rivals Christianity in its number of followers? And why has Indonesia converted to the Muslim religion whereas China has not?

Journal Prompt:

In your out of class journal, please answer at least three of the six above questions. You pick which questions you would like to answer. Like the last out of class journal, it should be a minimum of 500 words and please provide a word count. Any of the questions above could be fair game for the midterm so even though I am asking you to only provide answers to at least three questions for the journal, you really should prepare answers to all of them for your studying purposes.


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