Out With The Old- Gestalt Therapy

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Brent, a 50 year old married male is having anxiety about his young
adult daughter Rachel, who in the past year has graduated from high
school and is now freshman at a large university. Brent is worried that
his daughter will not be successful academically and may make poor
choices in deciding to drink with peers or even be a victim or
date-rape. Brent’s wife Susan is less worried. She believes that Rachel
has a good head on her shoulders, and that as a teenager, she did well
in high school and has overall not been known for foolish behavior.

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research Gestalt Therapy, an older confrontational treatment model that looks at incongruences between the client’s verbal statements vs the client’s body language, including facial expressions. While some human service workers and counselors may borrow elements of Gestalt Therapy, very few would identify themselves as Gestalt purists. Explain the Gestalt Therapy methods and why it is rarely used in a
pure form. Rather than using a Gestalt approach, in a 1-2 page paper, discuss which contemporary service model you believe to be the most appropriate for the above case scenario. Why? Be specific. Give examples and at least 2 references.


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