oversimplified perception of a behavioral pattern ,management homework help

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Answer 3 question bellow ( each question atleast 250 words)

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  1. A stereotype is an oversimplified perception of a behavioral pattern or characteristic applied to entire groups. For example, the Swiss are hardworking, efficient, and neat; Germans are formal, reserved, and blunt; Americans are loud, friendly, and impatient; Canadians are polite, trusting, and tolerant; Asians are gracious, humble, and inscrutable. In what way are such stereotypes harmless or harmful?
  2. Some economists and management scholars argue that statements such as diversity is an economic asset or diversity is a new strategic imperative are unproved and perhaps unprovable assertions. Should social responsibility or market forces determine whether an organization strives to create a diverse workforce?
  3. Ethical Issue: You know that it’s not acceptable to make ethnic jokes, least of all in the workplace, but a colleague of your keeps invoking the worst ethnic and racial stereotypes. How do you respond? Do you remain silent and change the subject, or do you speak up? What other options do you have in dealing with such a coworker? Consider whether your answer would change if the offender were your boss.

Grade rublic: These assignments will be graded on completion and free of grammatical/mechanical errors. If you use any source you must cite it in APA style format.


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